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Nevada Residents Parade for Pedestrian Safety Along Boulder Highway

With so many pedestrians, including bicycle riders, on the busy streets of Las Vegas is a recipe for tragedy, and so it has proved. According to a recent news story, 12 pedestrians were killed on Boulder Highway in 2015, all of them at night. Nevada Residents Respond for Pedestrian Safety On Friday, April 1st, the residents and community leaders of Las Vegas decided to make a very visible statement about pedestrian safety. Hundreds of concerned activists took to the street to participate in a flashy ‘light parade’, decked out in reflective materials, lights and glow strips, and some pretty colorful clothing. The idea was to drive home the message that pedestrian safety can be greatly improved just by wearing clothing and reflective gear to increase visibility. Said Erin Breen, a member of the Boulder Highway Coalition, a group which promotes traffic safety along the thoroughfare, “That’s the message tonight, that…
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Wind and Trucks: What you Need to Know

In areas like Nevada, known for having high winds, road closures due to overturned tractor trailers and other high profile vehicles are increasingly commonplace. These tips will help you avoid a truck accident. Wind and Trucks Windy conditions can be dangerous no matter what you drive, but the high narrow profile of a tractor trailer, RV or even large SUV makes these vehicles particularly susceptible to windy conditions. Even if you are not driving a high risk vehicle, an out of control truck is a huge road hazard for your to cope with. Simple awareness can help improve your road safety and ensure that you stay far away from hazardous vehicles; learning to drive safely in high winds can also cut your risk. Tips for Driving Safely in High Winds High winds require extra attention and some specialty safety accommodations; the Nevada Department of Transportation recommends allowing extra time to…
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Firefighters fix Nevada child’s bicycle after an accident

Personal injuries involving children are especially heartwrenching for us, but thankfully, as a result of some big-hearted firemen, this story has a happy ending. Read on for the full story: What Happened? Nine-year-old Matthew and his friend were riding crossing an intersection on their bikes en route to school. Matthew said he didn’t see any cars in the area, but he and his bike were struck by a car. The driver of the car said he simply didn’t see the nine-year old. Matthew’s mom said her heart dropped when she got the phone call no parent ever wants to receive, that their child is hurt. She said, “I didn’t even stop to ask him if he was okay or was anyone hurt. I just went straight over there.” The firefighters who responded to the call of distress had much the same thought when first hearing about the bicycle accident. Ben…
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