Question: If I Am Involved In An Auto Accident Caused By Another Driver Why Should I Use My Medical Payments Coverage Or Health Insurance? My Bills Should All Be Paid By The Other Driver.

Answer: If the other driver is legally responsible for the accident, that driver is responsible to pay for your injuries, including your medical bills. But often, the other driver has no insurance or does not have enough insurance. Also, the claim process could continue for many months while you are receiving treatment. Thus, you may need to use your own coverages to help pay for the bills. Starting your claim by using all coverages available to you is usually the best way to proceed.

Another reason to use your medical payments coverage in this scenario is that the at-fault driver cannot use your medical payments coverage to reduce his obligation to pay for your injuries. So you may use your medical payments coverage to pay for your doctor’s bills and then keep those payments from the other driver when the other driver pays for the loss through a settlement or judgment. Further, using your own medical payments coverage for a non at-fault accident will not cause your rates to increase.

If your medical bills are such that you also need to use your health insurance, be sure to timely submit all claims. You may have to repay your health insurer who will have a lien on your recovery from the at-fault driver, but usually health insurers will reduce their lien amount and you will be able to keep the difference as part your damages.