Who Initially Pays My Medical Bills From The Accident?

Answer: Your medical bills can actually be paid by more than one source. Let me explain the best way for the payment of your accident medical bills.

The medical payments coverage (med pay) from your auto insurance policy should initially be used to pay your medical bills. Some people believe that they should not have to use their own insurance; however, that is an error. Since you have bought and paid for your insurance coverage, you can and should take advantage of it. This especially is true for your med pay coverage which does not have to be paid back. Also, so long as the accident was not your fault, your premiums cannot be raised for the claim.

You should also use any group or individual health insurance you may have to pay your medical bills. Unlike your med pay coverage, your health insurance carrier will have a lien on any recovery you get from the accident. The amount returned to them, however, is usually a matter for negotiation and is less than the amount they paid to the medical care providers.

The tortfeasor will ultimately pay for your medical bills but will only do so at the end of the claim. This is why it is important to use your own insurance initially so that your medical treatment is not interrupted and is completed as soon as possible.

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