In A Fire Case How Are Physical Injuries And Other Damages Compensated?

There is no difference in compensating physical injuries in fire cases as opposed to auto injury cases. However, often fire cases can present large emotional distress damages caused by fleeing the flames or seeing loved ones hurt in the fire. (In Nevada, a person must incur a physical injury in order to receive compensation for emotional distress.)

In some of my larger cases, I have the fire scene filmed in order to show a jury the actual results of a fire which is much better seen in film than just being described by a witness. A person would also be able to recover extra expenses incurred in living elsewhere because of the fire.

Some fire cases result in the death of a person. Again, the damages available for a wrongful death in a fire case is generally the same as in a death case resulting from a car collision. Those damages include pecuniary damages for the person’s grief or sorrow, loss of probable support, companionship, society, comfort and consortium, and damages for pain, suffering or disfigurement of the decedent. Other potential damages include medical expenses, which the decedent incurred or sustained before the decedent’s death, and funeral expenses.

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