Firefighters Fix Nevada Child’s Bicycle After An Accident

Personal injuries involving children are especially heartwrenching for us, but thankfully, as a result of some big-hearted firemen, this story has a happy ending. Read on for the full story:

What Happened?

Nevada firetruckNine-year-old Matthew and his friend were riding crossing an intersection on their bikes en route to school. Matthew said he didn’t see any cars in the area, but he and his bike were struck by a car. The driver of the car said he simply didn’t see the nine-year old. Matthew’s mom said her heart dropped when she got the phone call no parent ever wants to receive, that their child is hurt.

She said, “I didn’t even stop to ask him if he was okay or was anyone hurt. I just went straight over there.”

The firefighters who responded to the call of distress had much the same thought when first hearing about the bicycle accident. Ben Rupert, a Reno firefighter with Station 12, said his mind immediately went to the worst case when he heard a child was struck while riding a bike. Thankfully, though, Matthew wasn’t critically injured. The injuries to his body were only minor. The damage to his bike; however, was quite significant. Another fireman suggested they take Matthew’s bike back to the fire station with them in hopes of fixing it. The bike that was damaged in the accident had been a gift to Matthew at Christmas, so the young boy wanted to save his bike. He was hoping the firemen could work a miracle and repair it.

Were Nevada Firefighters Able To Fix The Bicycle?

Although the fire station could have given Matthew a new bike, thanks to the donations they receive throughout the year, they knew having “his” bike back was important to the boy, so the fireman used parts from a new bike to repair Matthew’s old bike. The end result was Matthew getting his old bike back, good as new. Matthew’s mom was more than impressed by what the firemen did to help her little boy.

She said, “They understood how important it was for a little boy to have his bike. Some little boy, somewhere who got injured in an accident they had nothing to do with, and that’s just simple kindness and I appreciate that.”

Life Is Back To Normal

Matthew is now back to being his normal, rambunctious, pre-accident self and there is no one who is happier about this than the firemen who made it their goal to restore his bike to him. Matthew said, “Thank you very much!” to the firefighters who took the time to help him and who went above and beyond to repair what was damaged. Although this story started out with tragedy, thanks to the firefighters of the Reno Fire Department, it ended in triumph.

What You Should Do If This Happens To You?

Thankfully, Matthew wasn’t significantly injured. Unfortunately, many others aren’t so lucky. Usually, when cars meet up with bikes, the cyclists lose much more than their bike. This can leave you with many questions, but if you or a loved one were injured on a bike, contact Eric A. Stovall today. He can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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