Bicycle Accident Statistics By State

Riding your bicycle is a great way to get exercise, increase heart health, and save yourself some cash. But as of late, bike riding has become more of a dangerous task than most would think.

According to Rospa, there were over 21,000 bicycle accidents in 2014 that led to injuries. 75% of those accidents happened in cities.

The Problem With Current Bicycle Accident Statistics

Existing statistics often focus on total bicycle accidents- which doesn’t account for the severity of injuries or the number of people in the state. Even when bicycle accidents are broken down by population, the percentage of bicyclists in some states is much higher than in others. In other words, more accidents could just be a result of more overall bicycle activity.

New Research: # Of Bicycle Deaths Per 10,000 Commuters

Eric Stovall partnered with the Nevada Bicycle Coalition to compile brand new & original research into just how much risk a bicyclist in each state faces. Below, we’ve listed each state, sorted by the number of bicycle deaths per 10,000 bicycle commuters. You can also find number of bicycle commuters and average annual deaths.

We see some astonishing numbers in this chart. The fatality risk for a bicyclist in the most dangerous state (Illinois) is 2x higher than the risk in the 3rd most dangerous state. There are over 110 deaths per year in states like Florida, and California.

Bicycle Statistics In Nevada

At 2.4 bicycle deaths per 100,000 commuters, Nevada is 35% below the national average of 3.7. In a state with 13,000 daily bicycle commuters, that’s a positive statistic. With the number of bicycle commuters continuing to rise every year, it’s important to be informed about the dangers of cycling, and the correct safety techniques to protect you and your loved ones.

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