What To Expect At Our Consultation

We understand you have many thoughts, questions, and concerns after an accident. You may have to seek medical attention, pay medical bills, and wonder about how you will pay your everyday expenses to maintain your lifestyle. Yet the world gets even more complicated if you’re deciding whether or not to file a personal injury claim. Many times, attorneys from the party who caused your injuries try to get you to take responsibility for the accident or accept a minuscule amount as compensation.

Here at Eric A. Stovall, LTD, we understand how complicated your life becomes after an accident. So when it comes time for a consultation over your personal injury case, we strive to get as much information as we can to learn more about your accident and gather the evidence needed to make a strong case in your favor. Here are some of the things we will talk about when you come into our offices:

Details Of The Accident

We will ask about the facts in regards to the accident. Every accident is different for each client. Knowing what happened will allow us to perform the right investigation to gather the needed facts when it is time to present your case in a court of law. We spend a significant amount of time for every case whether it is a car accident or pedestrian accident to ensure that we protect your rights and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Review The Police Report

The police report allows us to gain another perspective about the accident. Sometimes we find important information in this report such as road conditions, reported vehicle speeds, witnesses, and even other parties who may be held liable for the accident. We may also use the police report to dispute inconsistencies that the liable party claims while in court.

Gather Names And Number Of Witnesses

Witnesses can play an important part in proving your facts about the accident. We can collect those names and phone numbers of people who say the actual accident as well as people who may have witnessed vital details about events prior to the accident. We can speak with witnesses to develop a comprehensive case for you.

Doctor Or Hospital Visit Dates And Specifics

Medical reports about your personal injuries will allow our law firm to tell the court about the present pain and suffering you are experiencing, and the medical issues that may have long-term effects on your health. We will speak with you about hospital dates and treatments you received after the accident. You should also tell us about doctor visits and specific medical information for follow-up appointments related to injuries suffered from the accident.

Prior Injuries

It may seem strange on why lawyers at Eric A. Stovall, LTD, will ask about prior injuries you have. Since they didn’t happen during the time of the accident, why are they so important? You should always tell a personal injury attorney of prior injuries that may have been affected or aggravated by the accident. It is always a possibility that a prior injury can go into complications that have dire consequences on your health as you should receive compensation for medical treatment expenses.

Employment Status And Concerns

Telling our lawyers about your employment status and ability to work will allow us to have a better understanding about your financial concerns. You want to be able to provide for your family now and in the future. Yet you may not be able to perform present job duties, as this can affect your current job and future job opportunities in your chosen profession. With this information, we can help you decide on the right compensation to cover medical expenses, support for your family, and future lost wages.

Learning more about your accident, your health and your lifestyle allows our law firm to offer the best representation so we can protect your rights. If you have any other questions about coming in for a consultation, contact our law office so we can help you.