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Who Cleans Up After An Accident?

Roadside accident debris can cause annoyance, but it also presents a significant danger. The question that frequently arises is who is responsible for removing road debris after car accidents. Here is an ascending list of the parties who clean up accident scenes along with what to do if it seems appears current efforts are inadequate. Tow Truck Operator When there is a collision, drivers and passenger>s may be injured, intoxicated or mentally shaken. If a vehicle is disabled or leaking toxic substances, they will normally not have the means or expertise to move cars or handle the debris themselves. Therefore, there is no expectation for driver owners to remove glass, metal or fluids. Nevada statute places the responsibility for removing solid debris on tow truck driver. In the portion of the statute that lists the equipment tow drivers must carry (brooms, shovel, and fire extinguisher) it also states: “The driver…
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