Nevada Bus Accident FAQs

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines a bus as a motor vehicle bus accident FAQs in Nevadadesigned to safely accommodate more than 10 passengers and one driver. Vehicles that may be legally defined as a bus include church vans/busses, limousines and charter vehicles. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, bus accidents involving fatalities increased between 2012 and 2013 from 253 to 280, an 11 percent increase. In addition, the number of vehicle-involved bus accidents increased by eight percent.

Why Do So Many Bus Accidents Occur in Nevada?

While many bus accidents happen due to the negligence of other drivers, more bus accidents are attributed to driver or bus company negligence. The top 5 reasons for bus accidents are:

  • Distracted bus drivers (texting while driving)
  • Driving too fast on bad road/weather conditions
  • Driving while intoxicated (drugs/alcohol) or impaired (sleepy, angry, etc.)
  • Failure of the bus company to maintain mechanical integrity of the bus
  • Failure of the bus company to properly train and screen drivers for past criminal activity

Determining fault in a bus accident can be legally complex if the bus company knows it may be at fault and decides to fight against claims using their own savvy, personal injury lawyers. If you are involved in a bus accident and sustained physical or emotional injury, call a Nevada personal injury attorney immediately for help in litigating your lawsuit.

Should I Accept a Settlement Right When They Offer It?

No. Insurance adjusters working for bus companies are trained to do everything possible to significantly reduce compensation to victims. To prevent paying out big settlements, they may quickly offer bus accident victims what seems to be a fair amount of money for medical bills when they know the victims could get more if they hired a personal injury attorney and took the company to court. Before signing anything or accepting any kind of settlement, call attorney Eric A. Stovall to discuss what you should do if you are involved in a Nevada bus accident.

What Should Victims Do Within 24 Hours of the Incident?

Even if you do not think you sustained an injury, always visit your family doctor or an emergency room to be examined by a medical professional. Not all vehicle injuries are evident right after the accident. Musculoskeletal injuries involving ligaments, tendons and spine vertebrae typically take days or even weeks to manifest after a vehicle accident. Keep detailed records of your symptoms and treatments following the bus accident. These will be used by your personal injury lawyer to prove your injuries in court.

Do I Really Need a Bus Accident Lawyer?

Unless you have experience evaluating the viability of a personal injury claim and understand the legal system, you’ll probably receive less than 1/3 of the compensation you could be awarded when represented by a seasoned bus accident lawyer. Attorneys specializing in bus accident litigation work with investigators knowledgeable in obtaining medical records, deciphering complicated medical terms and procedures and determining how much a judge would actually award someone who suffered bus accident injuries.

Bus accident victims understandably feel angry, stressed and frustrated when they discover that the negligent bus company is balking at paying their medical bills. These strong emotions can cloud their judgement and cause them to make rash decisions. With a Nevada personal injury attorney representing their case objectively, bus accident victims can have their lawsuit fought for and won by an aggressive attorney who knows what to expect from resistant insurance companies.

Act Immediately If You are the Victim of a Negligent Bus Driver

If your bus accident case goes to trial, a personal injury lawyer will zealously handle the trial proceedings and get you the best possible verdict. Nevada personal injury attorney Eric Stovall consistently obtains the compensation his clients deserve for their medical bills and pain and suffering.