Truck Accident FAQs

Truck Accident FAQs

  • Truck Accidents

    • What If I have More Questions about my Nevada truck accident?

      If you have more questions, or if you or a family member was injured or killed in a Nevada truck accident, contact attorney Eric A. Stovall immediately for a free consultation.

    • What should I do if the police on the scene or the other parties involved try to blame me for causing the truck accident?

      The biggest point of contention is any traffic accident is who caused the accident. Is it critical to have the competent legal counsel of Eric A. Stovall to fight against incorrect assumptions and assignment of blame, and even challenge the opinion of law enforcement given in the police report of the accident when necessary.

    • What injuries are the most common?

      Common injuries include lacerations (cuts), fractured bones/skull, other head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, damage to lungs from toxic fumes, severe burns from a fire, damage to the back, neck, and spinal cord. Serious injuries may result in paralysis, permanent disability, or death.

    • What if a family member (or members) dies in a truck accident caused by someone else?

      In these circumstances, the surviving family members have a legal option to sue for wrongful death.

    • If an insurance company offers a quick “hassle-free” settlement, should I accept it?

      Insurance adjusters do everything they can to minimize the costs of insurance claims. Offers of a quick settlement almost always do not cover the cost of damages, medical expenses, or the pain and suffering from losing a loved one. Before agreeing to a settlement, talk to personal injury attorney, Eric A. Stovall, about what is best to do when involved in a truck accident.

    • Who is liable in a truck accident?

      In a typical case, more than one party may have liability for the accident. The potential parties with liability include, the driver, the owner of the truck, those that loaded the cargo, truck repair services, and the company that contracted for the services of the truck or operates the truck as part of a fleet.

    • What causes truck accidents?

      The FMCSA reports that the driver causes 87% of truck accidents. Mechanical failure causes 10% of the accidents. Road conditions cause only 3% of the accidents.

      The most frequent causes of truck accidents are driver distraction (28%) and fatigue (12%), which together account for 40% of truck accidents.

      Poor judgment of the truck driver accounts for 38% of the accidents. Truck accidents happen 9% of the time because of bad driving skills.

    • Do truck accidents differ from auto accidents?

      The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says most fatalities in accidents involving trucks are people in passenger vehicles. Often, there is more than one other vehicle involved in a truck accident. Trucks weigh up to thirty times more than automobiles. Trucks need up to forty percent more road space to stop than automobiles need.

      In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 111,000 injuries from truck accidents and 3,903 fatalities.

      CNBC reported that truck accidents increased in 2014, due to the improving economy putting more trucks on the highways. The IIHS notes that fatalities caused by truck accidents increased 16% between the years of 2009 and 2014, going from 3,117 to 3,660 deaths per year.

    • Who regulates the trucking industry in Nevada?

      The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the interstate transport of goods and travel by truck. The regulations cover such things as hazardous materials, weight limits, driver fitness, driving time limits, and prohibition of using mobile phones or texting while driving.

      The Nevada Department of Transportation enforces Nevada state regulations for trucks.

    • How does Nevada rank nationally in truck accidents?

      The 2014 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report ranked Nevada in about the 50th percentile among all states. However, other research has shown Nevada to be much safer, especially when per-capita statistics are incorporated.

    • What will I have to pay for legal representation?

      The initial consultation is free. If attorney Stovall takes on the case, it is usually on a contingency fee basis. The attorney receives a portion of the settlement plus expenses if the case settles or is won in court. Clients pay nothing out-of-pocket even if the case is never settled.

    • I was in a Nevada truck accident; When should I contact an attorney?

      Talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible, ideally before making any statements to others about the accident. You definitely want to contact an attorney before accepting any settlement (especially if the other party or parties involved in the accident try to blame you for causing the accident or refuse to pay for damages, medical expenses, and suffering).

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