Brain or Spine Injury Caused by a Truck Accident?

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Spine and Brain Injuries Caused by Truck AccidentsAll traffic accidents are capable of causing great harm, but accidents involving a loaded commercial truck have an even greater potential to cause traumatic brain or spinal injury to innocent motorists. Not all attorneys are qualified to handle catastrophic personal injury claims stemming from a commercial truck accident, as it requires specialized knowledge and litigation experience with the trucking industry. As a former insurance agent, Reno personal injury lawyer Eric A. Stovall has a unique understanding of the insurance industry as well as full knowledge of all state and federal laws and regulations governing commercial trucking in order to provide his clients with an unsurpassed quality of representation after a truck accident.

Truck Accident Litigation: A Specialized Practice

Truck accident litigation is a specialized practice; a person injured in a commercial truck accident requires representation by a lawyer who understands the motivations and tactics of insurance companies and who has a full understanding of state and federal laws affecting the trucking industry. Our Reno accident lawyer Eric A. Stovall was a former insurance agent who works with a team of investigators and forensic experts to be on the side of the injured to fight against multiple insurance and truck companies. If a trial is necessary, they will gather evidence, recreate the accident and prove who was at fault in a court of law.

Why Truck Accidents are Different

Truck accidents are more serious than car accidents as large semis, big-rigs or 18-wheelers have the potential to cause extreme damage from their sheer size alone. Innocent motorists and passengers have the potential for devastating bodily harm, including traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, which can lead to wrongful death even years after an accident involving a truck. Litigation of such accidents will often include multiple responsible parties, large corporations, various insurance carriers and their underwriters. Truck accident litigation also involves the interplay of state and federal laws and industry regulations.

Traumatic brain and spinal injuries will result in large hospital bills, rehabilitative costs and the need for life-long care. Families often struggle to help their loved ones in the aftermath of an accident and are willing to sacrifice everything to see they receive proper care and treatment. Anyone injured due to negligence on behalf of the truck driver or company is entitled to have their medical and rehabilitative bills paid, as well as other types of compensation to reduce the hardship placed upon families.

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If you or your loved one suffered a brain or spinal injury resulting from an accident involving a large commercial truck, do not wait to hear from an insurance company who will attempt to minimize their liability on the claim. A person sustaining brain or spinal injury must secure the maximum amount of funding to pay for necessary medical and rehabilitative costs, loss of wages as well as compensation for pain and suffering. Contact our Reno personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your case and the legal options available to you and your family.