Did Your Insurance Company Act in Bad Faith?

Reno Accident Attorney for Insurance Disputes

Photo of Reno bad faith insuranceVictims of serious injuries often rely on their insurance companies to pay their benefits promptly after making claims. However, a suspicious or reckless adjustor may unfairly deny a legitimate claim in an attempt to preserve the profits of the insurance company. By law, anyone who has suffered “bad faith” actions from their insurance company can pursue a bad faith insurance claim to receive their rightful policy benefits. Reno accident lawyer Eric A. Stovall can help make sure that your insurance company pays the benefits you deserve.

What are “Bad Faith” Actions?

“Bad faith” actions are wrongful practices and decisions made by insurance companies in an attempt to deny or reduce the amount of benefits that policyholders can claim. Although “bad faith” can come in many forms, certain “bad faith” actions are common amongst insurers. These actions include:

  • Delaying or reducing benefit payments without a reasonable explanation
  • Failing to confirm or deny benefit disbursement within a reasonable period of the claim
  • Requesting documentation in excess of what is required by the policy
  • Undervaluing the amount of a loss
  • Treating you or your family like an enemy instead of a customer and policyholder
  • Suggesting that a less costly medical procedure will be just as effective as a more expensive procedure in which your doctor recommends

Some insurance companies want their policyholders to forget that a policy is a contract. Like in any other contractual agreement, both parties are obligated to uphold their ends of the bargain. Insurance companies have their own legal teams that will stop at nothing to minimize or discredit your claim and try to prevent you from gaining your rightful policy benefits.

Call a Reno Personal Injury Attorney

Our Reno personal injury lawyer knows how to handle the insurance company and their legal team. You do not have to handle this situation on your own. In fact, you may even find that you will need the representation of an attorney before the insurance company will even give you the time of day.

Talk to our Reno accident lawyer if your insurance claim received an unfair denial. With years of experience in the insurance industry in addition to running an independent insurance agency, Eric A. Stovall knows a legitimate insurance claim when he sees one. He will work aggressively to make sure that you receive the benefits you deserve. For a consultation about your case, call our office today at (775) 337-1444.