Wind And Trucks: What You Need To Know

In areas like Nevada, known for having high winds, road closures due to overturned tractor trailers and other high-profile vehicles are increasingly commonplace. These tips will help you avoid a truck accident.

Wind And Trucks

Tractor Trailer Truck Accident after High Winds- NevadaWindy conditions can be dangerous no matter what you drive, but the high narrow profile of a tractor-trailer, RV, or even large SUV makes these vehicles particularly susceptible to windy conditions. Even if you are not driving a high risk vehicle, an out-of-control truck is a huge road hazard for your to cope with. Simple awareness can help improve your road safety and ensure that you stay far away from hazardous vehicles; learning to drive safely in high winds can also cut your risk.

Tips For Driving Safely In High Winds

  • High winds require extra attention and some specialty safety accommodations; the Nevada Department of Transportation recommends allowing extra time to reach your destination and that you choose a slower driving speed for added safety.
  • Pay attention to wind warnings broadcast by the NDOT – high-profile vehicles like trucks are of particular concern, but if you are operating a car you need to be aware that these high-risk vehicles could swerve or topple into your lane. The Hoover Dam bypass bridge and the area around 395/ Washoe-Pleasant Valley area are considered particularly high risk by the Nevada Department of Transportation.
  • Anticipate gusts of winds and be prepared to make steering corrections, particularly when driving from a protected area to one exposed to high winds. Trucks, RVs, and other tall vehicles pose a particular hazard when the weather is windy; the DOT recommends maintaining a larger than usual distance between your vehicles and any large, high-risk vehicle when driving in windy conditions.
  • The same high winds that could propel a large vehicle into your space can also lead to downed power lines and extra road debris, so drive with care when winds are present.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A High Wind Truck Collision

If you have been involved in an accident, then you should seek out prompt medical attention for yourself and anyone else in your vehicle. Since some injuries do not show up right away, seeing a doctor can prevent you from experiencing pain or causing more damage to your back, neck or internal organs by moving around.

Once all emergency medical issues have been addressed, you should document the event by taking photos or video of the scene if possible. Include the weather and existing road conditions and photos of all involved vehicles as well. This evidence will be used by your attorney to protect your rights and ensure that you are able to recoup all of your losses.

Never speak to the other party’s insurance agent, business representative, or attorney without your own attorney present, and never agree to a settlement without speaking to an attorney first.

If you have been injured by a truck operating in high winds or unsafe conditions, contact us to learn more about your options and to find out what you can do to recover your losses.