Our Reno Law Firm’s Philosophy

Eric A Stovall, a Reno personal injury lawyer, is committed to the philosophy that he can only protect the interests of his clients through aggressive and effective legal representation. At Eric A. Stovall, Ltd., we pride ourselves on our ability to respond effectively to clients’ needs and to provide quality legal representation. It is our goal to provide personalized service. This allows us to resolve claims and litigation successfully, as well as cost effectively.

Smart, Cost-Effective Results

Our Reno personal injury attorney has a reputation for competency and determination in trial. And while we favorably settle most of our cases before trial, we carefully prepare each one for trial. We have also found success in resolving cases through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution. This then often saves our clients time and money. Whether we settle your case or it goes to trial, we will put in the maximum effort on your case to maximize your recovery.

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Our success is attributable to the wide range of legal services, experience and expertise we bring to the table. Our Reno law firm works to continue its commitment to provide excellent and first quality representation for each client. To learn more about our law firm philosophy, contact us today.