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Reno Workers CompensationWe understand the importance of the Workers Compensation Act, which provides coverage to employees who sustain injuries on the job. This Act provides compensation for lost wages, disability and permanent loss of function and disfigurement, as well as medical bills. However, these funds are not always enough, especially for serious injuries like lead poisoning, construction accidents, brain and spine injuries, toxic chemical injuries, falls from ladders or scaffolds, or death.

Experienced Nevada Workers Compensation Lawyer

Our workers compensation attorney in Reno understands the problems faced in these cases and provides aggressive representation. We represent injured workers, but we limit that representation to new claims involving serious injury or wrongful death.

How We Can Help

We understand that workers compensation claims are long, drawn-out processes that depend on a number of factors. Most claims are denied, requiring an appeal. We can help you submit all the necessary information, records and documents the first time. This will save you time and frustration by resolving the issue with as little hassle as possible.

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Workers compensation is a valuable institution for injured workers, but the system is not always user friendly. Our workers compensation attorney in Reno can provide assistance from the beginning of the process to maximize your chance of success. If you think you might qualify for a workers compensation claim, contact our Reno office soon after your injury and we can discuss your options.