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Hurt By A Recalled Or Defective Product?

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Reno product liability lawyer Eric A. Stovall understands the damages that a product defect can cause. As a result, he dedicates part of his practice to assisting victims of defective products receive their rightful compensation. Our law firm holds the makers of faulty products accountable in the court of law. Whether a company recalls a product or not, or whether it might happen in the future, your injury matters now. Take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your injury and how Nevada’s product liability law can help you. Our Reno personal injury lawyer will discuss how to establish a case, as well as what the product’s defect was.

How to Establish a Product Liability Case

Given our experience with recalled and defective products, we put together the below list about common product liability claims. While the examples do not necessarily indicate what is wrong with the product, they may explain why a manufacturer may be at fault. These reasons include:

  • A company is negligent if they did not take reasonable measures to ensure their product was not defective. This is regardless of whether the negligence was intentional or not intentional.
  • Strict liability means that the manufacturer or seller of the good is legally responsible for damages and losses caused by the defective product.
  • Breach of warranty specifies that a promise made about the product was broken, or the company did not deliver a product as expected.

Attorneys also may use other consumer protection claims, such as those outlined in the Consumer Product Safety Act and Federal Trade Commission Act, to argue a defective product case. Consult with a product liability lawyer who can discern if any of the reasons found above or others may qualify you to file a defective product lawsuit.

Why Was This Product Defective?

There are three main classification groups product liability law will use when determining if a product was defective. These groups are:

  • A design defect indicates poor planning, which causes the product to be inherently ineffective or dangerous.
  • A manufacturing defect is a flaw that occurs during the manufacturing process, such as poor workmanship.
  • A marketing defect occurs when a company misrepresents their product, particularly through inadequate instructions. This includes when a product fails to warn consumers of a non-obvious danger associated with use.

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We trust companies to provide products that meet our needs and function as expected. When these products do not function properly, this failure may cause consumers to suffer damage to their property, personal injuries and wrongful death.

Eric A. Stovall has practiced law for over 25 years. He gets victims of defective products the results they deserve. Contact our Reno personal injury lawyer today, and he can review your product liability claim during a free consultation.

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