Injured due to Casino Negligence?

Our Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer Upholds Your Legal Rights

Our premises liability lawyer helps victims get damages, including medical costs and lost income, caused by casino negligence.More than 30 million people visit Nevada each year. A large majority of these individuals visit or gamble in at least one casino during their trip. When you step inside a casino, the property owner has the responsibility to maintain reasonably safe conditions. This includes ensuring that the casino keeps their employees, premises and other equipment in proper order. When they fail in this responsibility, our premises liability lawyer assists victims with financial compensation for damages. These damages may include medical costs and lost income caused by casino negligence. To learn more about premises liability law, please call us now for a free consultation at (775)337-1444 or read more below.

What Can Cause Injuries at a Casino?

Our law firm has experience going up against casinos in Las Vegas and Reno. As a result, we find the following accidents to be the most common claims. Property owner negligence may include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Also common in other premises liability claims, slip and fall accidents are one of the main sources of litigation against casinos. Slip and falls often occur when visitors are hurt because of neglected carpet, uneven pavement and damaged casino equipment. Property owners may also be at fault for individuals slipping if there are dangerous, slippery surfaces around a casino swimming pool, as well as if a person suffers a wrongful death from drowning. If you or a loved one slipped or fell while on casino property and suffered catastrophic injuries, then you may be entitled to pursue monetary damages.

Negligent Casino Security

We expect property owners to take all the measures necessary to ensure our security while we are inside a casino. With security personnel on the floor and security cameras always watching, it is shocking when these measures fail to protect us. However, often these security officers are underpaid and do not have the proper training to effectively manage mishaps. If the actions or inactions of a security guard caused you injuries while at a casino, then our premises liability lawyer wants to talk to you about your legal right to seek justice.

Other Dangerous Conditions

The casino also has a duty to protect you from criminal activity while you are a patron. This includes if you are the victim of theft, assault or any other situation that causes bodily harm. Casinos may over-serve alcohol to customers, resulting in assaults and traffic accidents. Unsafe furniture, faulty elevators, falling debris or equipment malfunctions that causes you injuries, including burns or electrocutions from faulty machine wiring, are also common occurrences within casinos.

Our Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer Pursues Litigation against Casinos in Reno and Las Vegas

We feel that anyone injured because of the negligence of another deserves the opportunity to seek their rightful compensation. Our law firm offers our clients affordable legal fees for aggressive and compassionate representation in a number of personal injury cases. Please contact our premises liability lawyer today for help determining the strength of your casino negligence claim.