What Is The Value Of My Case?

Answer: There is really no way of answering that question with any certainty until you have completed your medical treatment, I have obtained and reviewed all of your medical records and bills and I have completed my investigation of all relevant facts of your particular accident. Any attorney who gives you a value for a case without all of this information should be avoided, as no accurate valuation can possibly be done without it.

Speaking generally, the value of your case is a composite of many factors: your injuries, the amount, type and cost of your medical treatment, your lost wages, your lost earnings capacity, any disability which the accident may have caused, your additional expenses and your pain and suffering. Other factors effecting your case’s value include issues concerning liability and the type of witness you and the defendant make. Indeed, there are many other factors beyond these listed which may also seriously impact the valuation of your case.

Thus, without proper investigation and exploration of a host of factors, no attorney can give you any accurate valuation of your case, as every case is different. If you wish to discuss your case and obtain my thoughts about it and its value, please feel free to call me for a free consultation at (775) 256-5757.