FAQs About Fire Lawsuits In Nevada

If you were injured in a fire, you probably have a lot of questions: How are Fire cases handled? Who is at fault? How do I learn more about my case?

Fire cases often present different and complex issues. For these reasons, I enjoy the challenges working on fire related cases.

How Are Fire Cases Handled?

Like in all tort cases, the plaintiff (the injured person bringing the claim) has the burden of proof. Fire cases often require the use of expert witnesses on the aspect of causation. A fire “origin and cause” expert witness is typically hired to examine the fire location and determine where the fire started and how it started. This information is critical to prove a fire case.

How Do I Prove Property Damage?

Also important is adequate proof of property damages. It is usually not enough simply to have a list of items destroyed in a fire. There needs to be proof that the item existed and was destroyed. If a house is totally burned to the ground, verified the requirement for this proof is somewhat reduced. In a small fire, where items are merely damaged, those items need to be retained or at least verified to exist via pictures.

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